I will tell you how to get easy a lot of money by a small trick for Eurotruck Simulator 2 PC game!

Who does not want to get a lot of easy money, don't  read it.

What to do, just overwrite a value, there is no need for any kind of MOD or any zip file to place into an SCS.

The def.scs is a. Zip file really.
Just unarchive its contains, or associate it to an archiver software (example 7zip) .
The  .sii files should associate a good freeware editor like Notepad ++ which is able to handle the xml files.

After opening economy_data.sii type any kind of negative number into the place which marked by the red square. (In this case, -420 000 (EUR is the choosen value)
You have to saved back into the def.scs, then your only job just took any quick deliver, then give it up! When you cancel the delivery, all the money set with the negative number will be yours (eg +420 000 EUR) ;-)

Good trucking!

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